Sexual Harassment Case Against The Cheesecake Factory by Hogue & Belong Law

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Hogue and Belong recently obtained a $101,800 verdict on behalf of a Claimant for a same-sex (male on male) sexual harassment case against The Cheesecake Factory, Fashion Valley restaurant.  The Cheesecake Factory’s Fashion Valley kitchen was rampant with sexual acts.  For instance, male cooks would run around behind one another and rapidly slamming their genitals back and forth against other employees’ buttocks, take inappropriate pictures, and then post those pictures on his or her Facebook accounts, as well as tell graphic sexual stories while at work.  Cheesecake Factory’s Front of House Manager talked about holdin

Sexual Harassment Case Against The Cheesecake Factory by Hogue & Belong Law

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g a semen tasting contest, and then told the Claimant they were going to start with him. Other instances of sexually explicit acts that occurred in the Cheesecake Factory’s Fashion Valley restaurant included simulating sex acts with vegetables and bread.  When asked if the bread used in the simulated sexual act was served to patrons, one manager said, “[I] certainly hope not.”

At the hearing General Manager, Gary Cottrell, made a stunning admission that he received a complaint from corporate outlining the harassment that Claimant was suffering at the hands of the Executive Kitchen Manager at the time.  Earlier in the case, however, Mr. Cottrell submitted a sworn statement that he never received any type of complaint regarding that Executive Kitchen Manager.  Further, instead of investigating and rectifying Claimant’s complaint, The Cheesecake Factory actually promoted the Executive Kitchen Manager twice, and now he oversees kitchens throughout Southern California.  In his ruling, the Arbitrator characterized the testimony by Cheesecake Factory’s Front of House Manager and its Executive Kitchen Manager as “patently uncredible.”


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