Employment / Wage & Hour

Class Actions Claims for Unpaid Wages, Hours or other Employee Benefits.

If you or your coworkers have ever been asked to work through meal or rest breaks, work off the clock, denied minimum wage or overtime, or paid late, then you may have the right to sue for labor and employment claims. These are what attorneys broadly refer to as “wage and hour” claims.

Wage and Hour Claims include:

  • Failure to pay minimum wage (since January, 2018, CA minimum wage is $11.00/hr for companies of 26 or more employees and $10.50/hr for companies of 25 or less.  But some counties and cities have higher minimum wages – e.g., San Diego’s is $12.00/hr. since January 2019);
  • Failure to pay for all work time (often by having employees work off the clock);
  • Failure to pay for all overtime owed (generally, OT is owed when you work more than 8 hours/day or more than 40 hours/week);
  • Failure to pay for all double time owed (generally, DT is owed when you work more than 12 hours/day);
  • Failure to calculate overtime and double time based on the worker’s total regular rate (including the value of his/her bonuses, commission, or shift differentials);
  • Unlawfully rounding the worker’s actual work time, and paying for only the rounded work time;
  • Failure to provide a lawful 30 minute meal period before the end of the first 5 hours and a second before the end of the first 10 hours each work shift;
  • Failure to provide lawful 10 minute rest breaks every 4 hours or major fraction thereof;
  • Failure to reimburse for Business Expenses;
  • Failure to pay all earned vacation wages;
  • Failure to pay all compensation owed upon termination/separation of employment;
  • Failure to pay separate minimum wage for non-productive time when paying under a piece-rate system or commission sales employees, plus separate hourly pay for rest periods.

If you believe your employer has not complied with one or more of these provisions, give us a call for a free consultation today. Our wage and hour experts will be able to address the facts specific to your employment and determine whether or not your rights have been violated. Hogue & Belong are industry leaders in prosecuting class action claims for employer violations of the California Labor Code, California’s Wage Orders, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Private Attorney General Act.