Wrongful Termination

Hiring the Best Wrongful Termination Lawyer in San Diego

The labor force in San Diego County is over 1.5 million workers strong. Most of these employees are considered at-will employees, meaning their employers can fire them at their own discretion as long as its not for an unlawful reason, such as breaking discrimination laws.

Does that mean that every firing in San Diego is justified? Absolutely not. Many San Diego workers will face wrongful termination at some point in their careers.

If you believe you’ve been wrongfully terminated, the next step is to find a wrongful termination attorney. How do you know if you need a wrongful termination attorney in San Diego? How can you ensure you’re hiring the best attorney for your case?

Read on for our complete guide to finding wrongful termination lawyers in San Diego. If you are ready to hire the best wrongful termination lawyer in San Diego,

Signs That You Have a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

What constitutes wrongful termination? You may sense that your termination wasn’t just, but how can you determine that you were the victim of wrongful firing? Let’s take a look at the three most common forms of wrongful termination.

A Breach of Anti-Discrimination Laws

Thanks to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing, employees have protection from workplace discrimination. That means that it is illegal to discriminate against employees based on:






Sex (now including gender identity and sexual orientation)


National Origin





If you believe you were fired because of any of these forms of workplace discrimination, you may have a wrongful termination lawsuit.

A Breach of Your Contract

Some companies in San Diego choose or are obligated to offer their employees contracts upon hiring them. For example, some unionized industries rely on contracts to guarantee better benefits, treatment, and terms of employment.
Often, these contracts include a designated period of time that an employee will retain their position. It may also include specific circumstances that could warrant early discharge. If your employer has fired you before your contract is up in a way that violates the terms of your agreement, you may have a wrongful termination lawsuit on your hands.

Retaliation for Whistleblowing

In order to enforce anti-discrimination laws and create safer work environments, the EEOC also provides protection against retaliatory firings. Protected forms of whistleblowing include reports of:


Violations of health and safety


Unlawful wage withholding


Violations of workers’ compensation rights or agreements

Tax fraud
Shareholder fraud

Other unlawful or unethical practices

If an employee is fired due to legally protected whistleblowing, this violates employment laws. If you suspect your firing was retaliatory, you may have a wrongful termination lawsuit.

How to Find the Best Wrongful Termination Attorney in San Diego

Even if you suspect wrongful termination, your employer will likely cite reasons for their decision that qualify under at-will employment laws. For example, they might say that your productivity was lacking or that they’re simply trying to downsize. How can you prove in court that they’re covering up the truth?

You will need a qualified lawyer in your corner to represent you. Let’s look at the qualities you should seek in a wrongful termination lawyer in San Diego.

Experience with Employment Law

Wrongful termination cases fall under civil law. Does that mean any lawyer with civil law experience can handle your case? Not exactly.

Civil law is a wide umbrella encompassing everything from discrimination to personal injuries. Make sure to hire an attorney with experience in employment law and that practices in San Diego. The employment laws that we’ve discussed here are protected at the federal level, but state and city laws will also impact the status of your case.

Wrongful Termination Lawyers Should Have Strong Reviews and Referrals

No good lawyer can guarantee results. In fact, any lawyer that makes false promises is one to avoid. However, you can and should look for a lawyer that is well-regarded by previous clients, regardless of the outcomes of their cases.

You can often find law firm reviews on websites like Google Reviews, Yelp, and on the law firm’s own website. You can also ask attorneys for referrals and the verdicts and outcomes of their previous cases. Look for attorneys whose previous clients speak highly about their dedication, knowledge, legal tactics, and communication skills.

Availability and Good Communication

When consulting multiple wrongful termination lawyers, take the opportunity to ask questions about caseloads and legal teams. How many cases is each lawyer currently handling? If they are in the middle of multiple cases, how will they make sure to prioritize yours and communicate with you quickly as needed?

It isn’t an inherent red flag if a wrongful termination lawyer has a moderate to high caseload. However, they should never take on more cases than their team can handle. If your lawyer is juggling several cases at once, make sure they have a legal team that can communicate with you on their behalf.

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