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Employees in the workplace

Federal Laws That Protect Employees in the Workplace

With the dawn of the industrial age, laborers—like the machines and tools they wielded—became just another tool of production. That’s why between the 18th and 19th centuries, employers could treat workers however they wished with few ...

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How To Know if You Have a Hostile Work Environment

If you’ve worked long enough, you’ve heard your fair share of workplace horror stories—the demeaning Miranda Priestly-esque boss, the manager who always cracks lewd jokes, the colleagues who act like schoolyard bullies. These are a...

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Empty purse for unpaid wages

Filing Class Action Claims for Unpaid Wages

Few things are as important to employees as their wages, the fruit of their hard labor. But what if your company has been intentionally trying to withhold pay that’s rightfully yours? In such cases, employees can file unpaid wage claim...

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woman underpaid at work

5 Signs That May Indicate You’re Underpaid at Work

Asking for a raise can be a difficult request to bring up to one's superiors. According to an annual national survey conducted by PayScale, a software company that gathers and analyzes compensation data, only 37 percent of US workers ask fo...

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7 common employment law violations to watch out for

In the United States, more than 180 federal laws are in place to protect approximately 150 million workers and 10 million employers. Whether you are an employee or the employer, some basic knowledge of employment law is important in ensurin...

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