Facts & Allegations

Pearson et al. v. P.F. Chang’s. [$6,500,000.00]


Pearson et. al. v. P.F. Chang’s (Case No.: 13-CV-2009 JLS (MDD); RIC1500355; AAA CASE NO.: 73-20-1300-0475) [class action]


U.S. District Court – Southern District of California; Superior Court of Riverside County; AAA Arbitration Judge: Janis L. Sammartino; Sharon J. Waters, Eli Chernow (Ret.)


December 5, 2018

Facts and Allegations:

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, Inc. employs thousands of hourly workers in the State of California, including waiters, hosts, bussers, cooks, dishwashers, and others. 8 of these workers filed three separate class and private attorney general actions against P.F. Chang’s based on its alleged failure to provide legally compliant rest and meal periods, overtime pay, wage statements, final paychecks, and a host of other alleged wage and hour violations.

After approximately 6 years of litigation in three separate venues, Hogue & Belong was appointed class counsel and successfully obtained court approval of a Statewide class action settlement, resulting in significant monetary payment to P.F. Chang’s hourly workers in the State of California who worked there during the relevant statutory time period.