Facts & Allegations

Don Delaney v. Hewlett-Packard.


Don Delaney v. Hewlett-Packard. case number 37-2014-00042846-CU-OE-CT:



June 27, 2014

Facts and Allegations:

Hewlett-Packard (“HP”) laid off thousands of its California employees under a so-called 2012 Workforce Reduction Plan.  For at least some of its employees, HP is alleged to have violated the Workforce Adjustment Retraining Notification (“WARN”) Act.  The Warn Act applies when an employer lays off more than 50 employees from any one “facility.”  For companies as big as HP the term “facility” does not necessarily mean one physical location.  There are various other factors that have to be analyzed.

If you believe that you have been laid off pursuant to the 2012 Workforce Reduction Plan, or have been harmed by a mass layoff, please contact us. (619.238.4720 or fill out the consultation form this page).


Miceli v. Coffee Bean (update: Case Settled) (Los Angeles Superior Court) (case number: BC557239)

There is a complaint where it is alleged that Coffee Bean failed to authorize and permit its non-exempt (hourly) employees to take a 30 minute meal period within the first five hours, which is a violation of the California Labor Code.  If you have experienced something similar or think your company has violated Labor Code, please contact us. (619.238.4720 or fill out the consultation form on this page).