Facts & Allegations

Employees v. Global Mobile Phone Provider [$2,750,000.00]


John and Jane Does 1 -6 v. Global Mobile Phone Service Provider (Case No. 37-2010-37-2012-00076945-CU-OE-SC) [class action]


Superior Court of San Diego


May 5, 2015

Facts and Allegations:

Defendant Mobile Service Provider is one of the world’s s largest providers of mobile telephone service and products. It employs tens of thousands of employees worldwide, of which several thousand are California based retail employees.

These retail employees make hourly wages. In addition to their hourly rate, they also earn commissions on various products and services they sell. Plaintiffs alleged that retail employees were constantly being underpaid commissions due to an incorrect computer algorithm. This computer glitch caused each employee to be underpaid up to hundreds of dollars per month. The failure to pay for all commissions owed is a violation of several California statutes.

Hogue & Belong and their co-counsel were able to obtain a significant payout to the class members.