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  • 5 Female Plaintiffs v. National Restaurant Chain [$1,500,000.00]

5 Female Plaintiffs v. National Restaurant Chain [$1,500,000.00]


Jane Does 1 -5 v. Roe Restaurant Chain [sexual harassment]


Superior Court of Los Angeles


August 1, 2016

Facts and Allegations:

Five women who worked a series of Los Angeles and Orange County restaurants from a prominent worldwide restaurant chain were sexually harassed by coworkers and managers.

The women were called names, and subjected to unwanted touching.  For instance, a male worker grabbed one plaintiff’s hands and forced it down his pants to touch his genitals.  Another plaintiff had her supervisor wipe cream sauce on her cheek and say “you have cum on your face.”

The five plaintiffs witnessed other sexually suggestive behavior, such as food dishes being routinely shaped as genitalia, and male workers calling one another sexually offensive names as well as patrons of the restaurants.