Juanita Roe v. Doe Southern California Fast Food Chicken Franchise

Case: Juanita Roe v. Doe Southern California Fast Food Chicken Franchise (Case No. PC056311)

Court: Los Angeles Superior Court

Date: June 23, 2017

Result: Hogue & Belong obtained a confidential settlement of $250,000.00

Facts & Allegations

A female cashier who worked for approximately 11 months at one of Defendant’s fast food chicken restaurant franchises was sexually harassed by several male employees and sexually assaulted by one male employee.

One of the woman’s male co-workers (“Jose Doe”) frequently solicited her for sex while at the restaurant telling her things (in Spanish) like, “I need you;” “I’m so hot for you;” “let’s go to a motel;” etc. When she refused, Jose Doe became more aggressive, grabbing her breasts and buttocks. Then, after months of her rejection, Doe cornered her in a walk-in refrigerator in the restaurant and forcefully grabbed and squeezed her vagina with one hand while trying to hold her with his other hand. The woman escaped and filed a police report that day.

A local Los Angeles law office brought Hogue & Belong to act as co-counsel in the case. The extent to which the female employee complained to her supervisors about Doe’s sexual touching and comments prior to the sexual assault in the refrigerator was heavily disputed and unclear based on the collective testimony. The case settled at mediation.

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