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Category : Verdicts & Awards

Case: Jane Doe v. Roe Hospital

Court: Arbitration

Date: August 23, 2017

Result: Hogue & Belong obtained a confidential settlement of $325,000.00

Facts & Allegations

A female employee who worked at a drug rehabilitation center was sexually harassed by a female supervisor (“Kimberly Smith”). Kimberly Smith invited Jane Doe over to her house, whispered and pressed her lips against Jane Doe’s ears, and gave her tight prolonged hugs. Kimberly Smith also talked about her sex life, and touched Jane Doe’s leg while driving in her car during work. Once Jane Doe complained to human resources, Kimberly Smith started putting Jane Doe under closer scrutiny. Shortly thereafter, Jane Doe was placed on suspension, and then later fired. Through their investigation, Hogue & Belong uncovered that Kimberly Smith sexually harassed another former employee, and that employee was forced to quit.


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