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San Diego Class Action Attorneys

Why Our San Diego Class Action Attorneys.


San Diego Class Action Attorneys Hogue & Belong Law

Over the past several years, the Hogue & Belong Law Firm has represented a number of clients in class actions throughout California against Fortune 500 companies as well as litigating against some of the most capable and prestigious law firms in the nation. You will not find more experienced and well seasoned San Diego Class Action Attorneys.  Learn More

Our Class Action Attorneys in San Diego Service Detail:

Class Action (Wage & Hour)

Roe Hospital is the biggest hospital in San Diego County. It is one of the largest employers in San Diego. It employs approximately 18,000 at any given time. The court certified plaintiffs’ time rounding claims. Plaintiffs’ alleged the rounding was unlawful because it was rounding to the nearest quarter hour and not compensating hourly employees for all of their work.

Class Action (Employment Law)

Hogue & Belong recently scores a major Class Action victory against Apple involving 21,000 California employees that were published in a variety of news sources including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and numerous law periodicals.


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