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Case: Drieslein v. San Diego State University Foundation, Ray DiCiccio, et al. consolidated for discovery purposes with Claypool v. San Diego State University Foundation, Ray DiCiccio, et al. (Case Nos. 30-2010-00104305-CU-OE-CTL; and 37-2011-00099344-CU-OE-CTL)

Court: Superior Court of San Diego

Judge: Joel M. Pressman

Date: November 17, 2010

Recovery:    Hogue & Belong was able to secure a $287,222 settlement against San Diego State University Foundation and Ray DiCiccio.

Facts & Allegations

Patricia Drieslein and June Claypool were both employees at San Diego State University Fondation working on a long-term alcohol prevention grant.  San Diego State University Foundation is a non-profit corporation  that sponsors government  funded  grants.

Their supervisor, Ray DiCiccio, constantly flirted with both plaintiffs.  He constantly made comments such as “Boy you look hot today,” “how are my wounded birds,” “You’re a single mom who can’t do anything right,” and “You owe me, given our history together” – referring to his previous sexual advances toward one of the plaintiffs.  He would also massage their shoulders and the shoulders of other female co-workers in the office.  Ray DiCiccio would also touch their thighs and knees in the office.  He had also asked about their sex life under the guise that he was a trained counselor who just wanted to help.

During the weekend, he made a home trip to one of the plaintiff’s homes to discuss a business plan.  Shortly after his arrival he asked for a massage.  He then asked to see this plaintiff’s breasts.  Ray DiCiccio was married to another San Diego State University employee at the time.

Whenever the plaintiffs resisted and rebuffed Mr. DiCiccio’s sexual advances, he would threaten their jobs. The human resources department at San Diego State University and Ray DiCiccio’s boss, John Clapp, claimed to have no knowledge of Ray DiCiccio’s activities, so his conduct continued unabated.

Ray DiCiccio’s treatment of the plaintiffs became so intolerable that they were forced to resign.  Plaintiff Patricia Drieslein resigned in May 2009, and June Claypool resigned in December 2009 after reporting the harassment to the human resources department. learn more

Plaintiff Attorney(s): Hogue & Belong

Defense Attorney(s): Dana J. Mccune & Christine J. Exton, Mccune & Harber, Los Angeles, CA (San Diego State University Foundation); Alex M. Outwater & Margaret C. Bell, Andrews, Lagasse, Branch & Bell, San Diego, CA (San Diego State University Foundation); and Nancy P. Doumanian, Doumanian & Associates, Glendale, CA (Ray DiCiccio)

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