Jane Does 1 through 4 v. Roe Prison Transitional Facility

Case: Jane Does 1 through 4 v. Roe Prison Transitional Facility

Court: Superior Court of California

Date: April 19, 2017

Result: Hogue & Belong obtained a confidential settlement of $725,000.00

Facts & Allegations

Four women who worked for a correctional facility government contractor were sexually harassed by the Director during their employment.

The Director separately and discretely solicited each of the women for dates, kisses, massages, sexual contact, sexual intercourse (both oral and vaginal) and other sexual favors in exchange for implicit agreements to consider them for promotions, pay raises, time-off of work, and flexibility with their schedules. The Director also engaged in unwanted touching, such as kissing, touching female employees’ lower backs and buttocks. The Director also engaged in unwanted sexual comments including telling female employees: they should leave their boyfriend, that he (the Director) has a hard time staying faithful to his wife, and that they should accompany him to his hotel for drinks. The Director even suggested to one of the female employees he had been pursuing that she should abort her baby because she became pregnant with her boyfriend. The Director also secretly took compromising photographs of the women without their knowledge or permission, and then shared the photographs with other managerial staff. None of the managerial employees did anything to stop or report the abusive and harassing behavior.

The four plaintiffs also witnessed other sexually suggestive behavior and comments directed to other females employees. The matter settled shortly after it was filed

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