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P.F. Chang’s Sexual Harassment Arbitrations

P.F. Chang’s Sexual Harassment Arbitrations

P.F. Chang's Sexual Harassment Arbitrations

San Diego Sexual Harassment Attorneys. P.F. Chang’s Sexual Harassment Arbitrations

“Four separate sexual harassment arbitrations have just begun concerning several P.F. Chang’s restaurants. In addition to the San Diego county restaurants already hit hard with sexual harassment claims, these new wave of cases involve the Riverside, Chino Hills, Anaheim Hills, Pleasanton, and Beverly Hills restaurants.

When asked to comment, attorney Jeffrey Hogue, stated, “The level of sexual harassment at those restaurants is unbelievable. For this many restaurants to be involved, there has to be something very badly going on, or someone from the top turning a blind eye, that creates this type of corporate culture. It is like a war zone for certain P.F. Chang’s female employees. You would think what happened last year in San Diego would have had an impact its sexual harassment policies and practices. Unfortunately, it does not look like it has.”

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