Britt, et al. v. Scripps Hospital

Case: Britt, et al. v. Scripps Hospital, et al. (Case No. 37-2010-00096421-CU-OE-CTL)

Court: Superior Court of San Diego County

Judge: Steven R. Denton

Date: July 21, 2010

Facts & Allegations

Plaintiffs Miranda Britt, Cathy Cathey, and Barbara Johnson were non-exempt employees and entitled to overtime. Scripps had  an automated clock-in and clock-out system called Kronos.  Kronos would round its employees time to the  nearest quarter of  an hour.  Due to their policies, this practice caused a systematic undercompensation of its employees.  Scripps also did not incorporate all of its benefits into the regular rate of pay, thereby depriving its employees of some overtime compensation.

In February 2012, the Court certified a class of approximately 16,000 employees.  This case is currently ongoing.

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