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Common forms of consumer fraud

Consumer fraud has been a consistent headache long before the internet was conceived. One would remember those snake oils and other purported heal-all potions being sold by mysterious travellers in the old days. These tricksters have evolve...

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How to Identify Disparate Treatment in the Workplace

The protected class exists to give qualified people a weapon against any form of harassment relating to a specific personal trait. These qualified people are protected by both state and federal employment laws, like Title VII of the Civil R...

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Can You Be Fired Due to COVID-19?

The short answer: you generally cannot be fired for simply contracting COVID or for refusing to receive a vaccine or other employer-mandated medical procedure that conflicts with an honest medical or religious exemption. However, employm...

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Men also experience sexual harassment

When we think of sexual harassment in the workplace, we almost immediately think of a young woman being taken advantage of by an older male superior. However, this is only one of its many forms. Men can also be victims of sexual harassment....

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Success rate of class actions

A class action lawsuit takes place when an individual or a group of people who were similarly wronged by the same defendant pursues legal action as a class. It could be the result of a defective product, unlawful employment practices, false...

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The class action settlement

The time it takes for each class action lawsuit to resolve varies case to case. On average, it takes about two to three years, although it can take longer if appeals for a court ruling are called. To avoid the long process and the negat...

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