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6 Steps in reporting sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is any verbal or physical action that’s considered offensive, humiliating or intimidating. In the workplace, it may be in the form of teasing, belittling, or any physical assault that invokes hostility, ultimately affect...

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Overcoming sexual assault

Every 73 seconds in America, someone’s body and dignity are being violated by a sexual predator. In addition, more than 433,000 Americans above the age of 12 become victims of sexual assault or rape every year. A total of 12% of rape or s...

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Types of sexual harassment and how to identify it

Sexual harassment is much more common than you think. With the prevalence of the #MeToo and the more recent, workplace-focused #TimesUp movements, more people are more openly sharing their experience with sexual harassment.. A 2019 repor...

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Preventing sexual harassment in the workplace

No employee should have to endure sexual harassment and sexual discrimination in the workplace. Such abhorrent actions can be severe and cause lasting emotional and psychological harm to the victims. This is why employers are tasked with pr...

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How to know if you’re being sexually harassed

Everyone has a right to a safe work environment, whether you’re a worker or the boss. Sexual harassment in the workplace is not something that should ever be tolerated. The California state government puts the responsibility of preventing...

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Nipping sexual harassment in the bud

Sexual harassment can happen to anyone in the workplace. That doesn’t mean, however, that nothing can be done to prevent it from happening in the first place. In California, there are state laws that mandate employers to nip it in ...

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