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The Call-to-Work Order and the Law

California employees may have questions about on-call shifts, financial compensation, and legal protections available to workers in the state. Here’s what you need to know about on-call shifts and compensation. What is an on-call shift...

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What the Law Says About Pregnancy Discrimination

The California Pregnancy Discrimination Act and  Fair Housing and Employment Act prohibit any form of pregnancy discrimination. These laws provide for the recovery of lost income and benefits as well as legal fees and costs incurred as a r...

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California Laws on Restroom Breaks

Sufficient restroom breaks are important to the health and well-being of employees. California laws impose rules and standards for work breaks, including restroom breaks, in the workplace. Violations of these rules can affect work performan...

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Handling Third-Party Sexual Harassment

Most people think that workplace sexual harassment can only be done to an individual by their workmates, subordinates, or bosses. However, did you know that workplace sexual harassment can also be committed by individuals from outside the c...

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The legal nuances of cell phone reimbursement claims

Have you been working remotely during the pandemic? Do you use your mobile phone for work-related communications? Then your California-based employer should reimburse any expenses incurred just as they would reimburse you for other work exp...

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Sexual Abuse of Minors

Educators, coaches, daycare workers, employment supervisors and priests, rabis, and other religious leaders are expected to be their organization's guardians. They are often accorded respect and moral authority, and are expected to conduct ...

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How California tackles breach of warranty

Whether you’re a consumer or a business owner, it’s important to learn about a breach of warranty and how the California courts handle lawsuits related to the matter. In legal parlance, a warranty is a contractual term pertaining to ...

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