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$4,700,000.00 – Heather Phillips, et al. v. Dominos’ Pizza Franchises

Case: Heather Phillips, et al. v. Dominos [wage & hour]

Court: Superior Court of California

Date: December 16, 2021

Result: Hogue & Belong obtained final court approval of a $4,700,000 settlement against one of the largest Dominos’ Pizza franchises in California.

Facts and Allegations: Dominos was alleged to have committed various wage and hour violations, such reporting time violations (sending a worker home before his scheduled work shift ends), failure to pay split shift premiums, failure to provide proper meal and rest periods, and failure to adequately reimburse employees for gas and cell phone usage. Hogue & Belong helped a class of approximately 10,000 delivery drivers and other hourly employees who worked for numerous Dominos’ franchises in the State of California recover monies unlawfully withheld.

Hogue & Belong was appointed as class counsel and successfully obtained final court approval of a statewide class action settlement.