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$2,455,000.00 – Lizbeth Garcia, et al. v. The Bay Clubs Company, LLC

Case: Lizbeth Garcia v. The Bay Clubs [wage & hour]

Court: Superior Court of California

Date: March 14, 2022

Result: Hogue & Belong obtained final court approval of a $2,455,000 settlement against The Bay Clubs.

Facts and Allegations: Hogue & Belong helped a class of approximately 5,000 hourly employees at the Bay Clubs 21 sports clubs recover compensation for late meal periods unlawfully withheld. The Bay Clubs programmed its timekeeping system incorrectly and only alerted payroll on instances where the hourly employees worked six hours and fifteen minutes. Under California law, an employer is supposed to compensate you an extra hour of pay at the employees hourly rate if it does not provide you your meal period until after the first five hours of work, or an employee can waive the meal period so long as he or she does not work longer than six hours.

Hogue & Belong was appointed as class counsel and successfully obtained final court approval of a statewide class action settlement.